What is a Masters Degree?

What is a Masters Degree?

Whatever your particular field of study in university, there is more often than not an accompanying master’s degree program to help take your education to the next level. But what is a masters degree? A master's degree means you have mastered a topic or subject and possess a high order of intellect on the given topic you have studied. A person that holds a master's degree in their given topic will have advanced knowledge, an ability to teach or train others in that field, analytical skills and be able to critically evaluate the subject in a masterful way.

Masters Degree Titles

Master’s Degree Titles

When you receive a Master’s Degree, there may be another acronym for your degree that explains your education. You may get a Master’s Degree title after taking a program that lasts for two to four years. Rather than saying you have a Master’s Degree, you may refer to it as a MBA, a MFA or EMS depending on what your area of concentration was for your degree. There are approximately 179 different abbreviations*, or acronyms, for Master’s Degree titles including: