Online Masters Degree in Nursing

Online Masters Degree in Nursing

Is it worth getting an Online Master’s Degree Program in Nursing? Yes, as it is the next step in your path towards career success.  In the past, nurses serve as just assistants to doctors and are not given deciding powers over the treatment of the patient. But with the new trend of advanced practice nurses (APN), faster responses and services can be given, not to mention the money hospitals will be saving for hiring nurses over high-paying physicians. The advantages will outweigh the costs, not only on the side of the health establishments but also for the nurses themselves.

A Master’s Degree in Nursing is the educational edge that will allows APN’s to work as higher certified specialists, or even proceed to administrative positions. However, as the demand for this type of nurse increases, most graduated nurses choose to work first before getting their Master’s Degree, since financial opportunities are hard to pass up or because they feel the need to start helping out sooner.

Thankfully, the busy schedule of already working nurses will not hinder them from acquiring this professional advantage. Master ’s Degrees in Nursing are now offered online. You will only need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Only candidates who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and have successfully gotten a Registered Nurse License may proceed to this path.
  2. One must also take and pass the Graduate Requisite Exam (GRE), a comprehensive general knowledge exam, as well as get some clinical work experience.
  3. Locate the online school of your choice, and set up a schedule that will best fit your needs.

Once you have been enrolled, you may then choose your specialization, which could be but are not limited to:

  • Adult-General Nurse Practitioner, which revolve around health care and treatment of the adult and older population
  • Family-Nurse Practitioner,  which deals with family members
  • Executive Leader,  which will discuss management issues, development of policies, and other more advanced nursing roles
  • Nurse Educator, which combines nursing and educational philosophy to effectively teach the craft
  • Informatics, which aids one in dealing with a technology-rich environment.

Full-time Master’s Programs consist of eighteen to twenty-four months in average or longer, depending on the agreed work schedule.

Gaining an Online Master’s Degree in Nursing can boost your professional career.  Based on statistics from the United States Bureau of Labour, the 2012 demand for Health Service Managers ranging to 315,000 will increase to 388,000 by 2020.

With the wide array of choices, an Online Master’s Degree Program in Nursing holder will have no problem reaching their professional goals.


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