Masters Degree Titles

Master’s Degree Titles

When you receive a Master’s Degree, there may be another acronym for your degree that explains your education. You may get a Master’s Degree title after taking a program that lasts for two to four years. Rather than saying you have a Master’s Degree, you may refer to it as a MBA, a MFA or EMS depending on what your area of concentration was for your degree. There are approximately 179 different abbreviations*, or acronyms, for Master’s Degrees including:

MBA - Master’s of Business Administration - this is a common degree obtained by many people who wish to work in the business field in a leadership position. Many people who work in the financial field will get their MBA and it can be useful for advancement for financial services agents according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.*

MFA - Master’s of Fine Arts - most MFA programs are geared toward writers, but filmmakers, dancers, graphic designers and theater students may also obtain a MFA. 

LLM - Master of Laws Degree - this Master’s Degree title is obtained by professionals in the field of law who wish to concentrate their research on a specific legal area. Perhaps they wish to focus on corporate law or sports law and continue their studies to get a LLM.

MHS - Master of Health Science - with a MHS degree, students study health programs in depth in a wide range of areas. They may get a MHS in veterinary science, medical operations or in speech language. The BLS predicts that the job outlook for people within the field of health and medical services management will increase by up to 23% by the year 2022.*

MS Ed. - Master’s of Science in Education - educators who wish to advance in their field will often get this degree. They may concentrate on curriculum and instruction, counseling, administration or school psychology.

MSW - Master’s of Social Work - people who work as social workers for non-profit or governmental departments are often required to have this degree, especially if they wish to advance in the field. Clinical therapists will also have their MSW, along with their license to practice in the state.

STM - Master’s of Sacred Theology - those who already have their MDiv, Master’s of Divinity, or Master’s Degree in another theological field will obtain their STM as a prelude to studying for a doctorate in theology.


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