Masters Degree Programs in Arkansas

Masters Degree Programs in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas has around 20 great universities that provide solid education and include College School with Master´s Degree programs.  There is a wide variety of Master´s Degree Programs in Arkansas and the following is a list of the best reviewed campuses that offer them:

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has a specialized group of counselors that will advise students into what is the most appropriate major to take based on student achievement.  This university offers around 88 master´s degree programs that can be summarized within the following fields:  Accounting, Agriculture, Animal Science, Anthropology, Arts, Athletics, Biology, Business,  Chemistry, Engineering, Communication, Computer Science, Drama, Economics, Education (Secondary and Higher), Languages, History, Human Resource, Journalism, Kinesiology, Physics, Physical Education, Sociology, Statistics, and many more*.  The University of Arkansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools*.

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University makes their graduate students an integral part of research, teaching, and service missions.  It has within its Graduate School Master´s Degree a series of programs that include Master of Arts, Master of Music Education, Master of Science, Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of Science in Education in secondary teaching* among some others.  Every program for a Master´s Degree is accredited by its specialized accrediting agency.  The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation accredits the College of Education, for instance, and the College of Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering*.

University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas has a total of 14 Master´s Degree programs designed to meet a graduate student´s needs for specialization.  These programs include: Advanced Studies of Teacher Leadership, Clinical Nurse Leader Track, Community and Economic Development, Family and Consumer Sciences, Geographic Information Systems, Health Sciences, Instructional Technology, Library Media and Information Technologies, Master of Arts in Teaching, Nurse Educator, Education in Reading, School Counseling, School Leadership, and Special Education*.  The University of Central Arkansas is an accredited institution with accreditation provided by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Arkansas Tech University

Located in Russellville, Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University develops a series of Master´s Degree programs offered within a series of faculties.  There are around 24 Master’s Degree Programs,  and may be found in the following main fields:  Master’s of Education, which includes elementary, secondary, counseling, and educational leadership;  Education Specialist Degree, Master of Science in Business Administration, Health , Information, Psychology, and several others;  Master of Science in Nursing; Master of Engineering;  Master of Arts which includes English, History, Spanish, and Teaching ESL; Master of Liberal Arts*.  Arkansas Tech University is accredited by the North Central Association*.

Harding University

Harding University is, at its core, a Christian University that builds its standards upon the character, example, and concerns of Jesus Christ.  It has around 20 programs of Master´s Degrees including a College of Bible & Religion that offers three Master´s Degree options*.  Other programs offered include: College of Business Administration; College of Education which covers Master of Arts, Education, and Professional Counseling; College of Allied Health;  College of Pharmacy; Graduate School of Theology that includes Master of Arts, Arts in Christian Ministry, Counseling, and Masters of Divinity.  Harding University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission*. 


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