Masters Degree Programs in Alaska

Masters Degree Programs in Alaska

The largest U.S. state has around a dozen colleges and universities but not all of them offer master´s degrees.  Most of Alaska´s universities are located within port Anchorage, which is where half of the population lives; those offering master´s degree programs may be found all around the state.  It is important to briefly detail what is a master´s degree. A master´s degree is a specialization program that follows a bachelor´s degree.  It can also be a program that precedes a PhD.  It usually takes two to two-and-a-half years to complete. The following is a list of top universities that offer masters degrees programs in Alaska.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The geographic location of the University of Alaska Fairbanks allows it to elaborate on arctic studies with countries located within the Arctic Circle. It is in fact the #1producer of articles related to the Arctic*. Through a close work with faculty and peers, the graduate from UAF will be one with the required skills to progress at any job in the North or elsewhere. The university offers a total of 44 master´s degree programs in several fields of education. These areas include Administration of Justice, Arts, Anthropology, and many branches of Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, Physics, Chemistry, Arctic Engineering and many others.  The number of credits required will vary depending on the area of study and may range from 30 to 120 BS credits*.  Accreditation is done through a voluntary, non-governmental process of peer review and self-analysis that is done every year by an accreditation committee.

University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers a wide variety of master´s degree programs.  These programs may be entirely course-based, research-based, or most typically, a mixture of both*.  Enrolling in these master´s degree courses require a baccalaureate degree.  The programs for master´s offered include:  Anthropology, Applied Sciences, Arctic engineering, Education, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, English, Literature and a long list of other scientific areas and management.  The Engineering Accreditation Committee of ABET accredits University of Alaska Anchorage within its Engineering program.

University of Alaska Southeast

The University of Alaska Southeast has a commitment of providing higher education services to those students that demonstrate a life-long learning attitude.  UAS offers graduate students a total of 9 master´s degree programs.  These master´s degree programs include: Education (Leadership and Technology), Elementary Education, Mathematical Education, Public Administration, Reading Specialist, Secondary and Middle Grades, and Special Education.  These degrees are offered mostly online, except for Educational Leadership and Public Administration, which are offered both online and at the Juneau campus, and Secondary and Middle Grades, which is offered in the Juneau campus only.  The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) accredits UAS.  The National Council accredits the School of Education for Accreditation of Teachers Education (NCATE). 

Alaska Pacific University

Alaska Pacific University is a private university that focuses its efforts in providing active learning.  The campus offers a variety of activities in sport and recreation, and many active clubs.  The university offers a total of nine master´s degrees programs that include Counseling Psychology, Environmental Science, Information and Communication Technology, Arts, Arts in Teaching, Strategic Leadership, Business Administration and Outdoor and Environmental Education.  The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accredits Alaska Pacific University.  Its Teacher Education Program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Alaska State Department of Education. 


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