Best Masters Programs

Best Master’s Programs

There are a lot of choices in the field where one may choose to proceed in his attainment of a Master’s Degree. Based on the Digest of Education Statistics of 2012, the following are the Top 7 Best Master’s Programs in which the majority of Americans have opted to pursue their Master’s Degree:

  1. Business, with 187,205 degrees recorded, where many qualify to pursue careers in marketing, project management, sales or human resources. The most popular choice among the seven, this program explores topics such as corporate finance, management strategy, product marketing and business ethics.

Those who pursue this Master’s Degree have a significant edge due to their enhancement in marketability, broadened opportunities, and significantly higher total life earnings.

  1. Education, with 185,009 degrees recorded; in which one will learn about teaching pedagogy and educational administration. One might specialize in subjects such as elementary education, literacy, curriculum development or instructional technology.
  2. Health Profession, where 75,570 degrees have been recorded; this particular master’s degree program prepares graduates for careers as healthcare providers and workers. If you earn a master’s degree in the field of health and clinical sciences, you’ll learn about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of different diseases.
  3. Engineering, where 43,234 degrees have been recorded, is considered the terminal degree in the field of engineering. A Master’s Degree in Engineering focuses on specific types of engineering (i.e. mechanical, electrical, biochemical, computer, civil, etc.), which can lead to a higher-paying professional career option.
  4. Public Administration, where 38,634 degrees have been recorded. Public Administration Master Degree Programs emphasize social work, public policy, and political science. If you earn this degree, you may be able to work for the government to help enact new laws and policies or research on existing ones. Some graduates work as consultants to help certain government agencies address community needs.
  5. Psychology, where 25,051 degrees have been recorded. A Master’s Degree in Psychology can open up job opportunities in the field of counselling, therapy and social service.
  6. Computer and Information Science, where 19,446 degrees have been recorded. A Master’s Degree in the field Computer will prepare a highly skilled professional with the advanced expertise in order to create and maintain secure and efficient computer systems and create user interfaces.  Meanwhile, a Master’s Degree in the field of Information Technology will integrate the technology of computation into the business process strategy, which will open up career opportunities in a wide array of industries and applications.


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